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Why Apply 

The Jupiter Restaurant Scholarship - equipping you with the knowledge needed to fast-track your way to success in hospitality. 

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Fast-track to Success

The Programme combines focused, high-quality training in some of the world's leading restaurants, along with personalised support and guidance from industry leaders. 

Apply what you Learn

In a first for the UK restaurant industry, the Programme offers hands-on experience, so you learn quicker and progress faster, while always earning a living wage.  

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Personal and Bespoke

The Programme is open to all, regardless of experience. What matters most is commitment, ambition and drive. The training is personally tailored, and usually runs for 9 months for those with some prior experience, to up to 18 months for those without it.

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Accreditation and qualifications

You will be able to choose from a range of specialised training modules and accreditations in wine, cocktails, front of house or kitchen.  

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Shaping your Career 

The Programme opens up a huge range of opportunities for you, either to progress in your placement restaurant, or to succeed in others. The breadth of training and experience can lead to enhanced promotion possibilities.

World-class support

You will be supported by a "Buddy" who will work alongside you in your placement restaurant. In addition, your Jupiter Mentor, a leading figure in the industry, will check-in with you regularly throughout the Programme to offer additional guidance and support. 

Restaurant Workers
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Rewarding your Success 

You will be paid in full for all hours worked. Your salary will be reviewed regularly as you progress through the Programme. In addition to your salary, on completion of the Programme you will receive a financial bonus from Jupiter, as well as an industry-recognised Jupiter Diploma.

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