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Restaurant Meal

Become a Restaurant Partner

The aim of the Programme is to provide participants with a rounded knowledge of restaurants and the hospitality industry, providing our partner restaurants with future leaders.

Each participating restaurant will be invited to:


  • Participate in the pre-programme training in central London 

  • Host one or two of the selected candidates for one or two shifts during that training

  • Choose a “Buddy” from the restaurant staff to look after the candidate during their tenure with you.

  •  Interview the final candidate for placement at the restaurant for the remaining 9 - 12 months and agree a programme of training for each individual participant.

The candidate will be on one month’s probation, when the restaurant will pay only 50% of the agreed starting wage (the other 50% will be covered by Jupiter). Thereafter the restaurant will pay the candidate 100% of the London Minimum Wage.

Benefits of becoming a Restaurant Partner: 

  • No recruitment fee or time wasted

  • Developing a good member of staff

  • Support from the Jupiter team 

  • Access to a growing pool of top talent

  • Being part of an exciting initiative for the industry

  • Ensuring the industry as a whole continues to thrive.

The work in the restaurant:

The contract would assume a 40/45 - hour week, which will include at least 3 evening shifts and weekends. The candidate's training should encompass a range of activities to include the kitchen, the bar, the reception, and front of house. The team at Jupiter will work with you on developing a programme of training that works for both you and the participant. 

A member of the Jupiter team will be available to you throughout the Programme to discuss any issues or questions you may have. 

To find out more contact us at

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