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What is the Jupiter Restaurant Scholarship?

The Jupiter Restaurant Scholarship is a bespoke paid 9 - 18 month (dependent on experience) training programme for individuals looking to develop a career in the restaurant hospitality business. The Programme offers formalised training in a range of areas of restaurant management on-site in one of London's leading restaurants.  

Who can apply?

We are looking for applicants who are bright, driven, enthusiastic and ambitious. Participants do not need to have had experience in the restaurant business before - energy and commitment are the most important. The Programme is open to all, regardless of age (minimum age is 18) but all applicants must have an unlimited right to work in the UK

How do I apply?

We expect to open the call for applications for the 2nd cohort at the end of January 2024. To register your interest for future programmes, please complete the very simple form here.

What is the selection process?

When we open applications again the process will be as follows:

Once we receive your application form, and assuming you meet the criteria for the Programme, we will arrange a Zoom call interview with someone from the Selection Panel. If accepted for the next stage, you will be invited to a 3-hour in-person session in central London (travel expenses reimbursed). This will give you an opportunity to meet the team and to discuss in more detail your individual training needs and wishes so we can pull together a bespoke plan for you.  

Assuming you are subsequently offered a place on the Programme, there will be an opportunity to work a shift in your placement restaurant followed by a half day off-site training with the team.  You will be paid for the restaurant shift and your travel expenses will be reimbursed for the half day training session.

At all stages, we are looking to see your enthusiasm, commitment and passion for the restaurant industry come through but they will also give you and us a chance to ensure the Programme is right for you. 

When is the deadline for applying?

The will be announced when we open for applications for the second cohort at the end of January 2024. Please register your interest here so we can let you know when we are accepting applications for the next cohort. 

When will the Programme start?

The first cohort will start at the end of January 2024. The second cohort will start in Spring 2024 and the third in Autumn 2024. 

How many places are available?

We offer up to 6 places per year. 

Can I choose the restaurant I complete the training at?

The team at the Jupiter Scholarship will decide where you will undertake your placement based on their in-depth knowledge of each partner restaurant and which one they think will suit your needs best. 

How much is it paid?

Candidates will be paid in full for all hours worked in the partner restaurant (London living wage), and salaries will be reviewed on a regular basis. Prospects for advancement in both career and salary are excellent.​ In addition to pay from the restaurants, participants will receive a cash bonus on successful completion of the Programme, along with an industry-recognised Jupiter Diploma.

What training is included?

The training can vary depending on your areas of interest and any prior experience you might have. It will, however, cover all areas within a restaurant from front of house, bar, kitchen, hospitality and reception, waiting and senior waiting, restaurant management and finance. In addition to the on-site training activity, you will  be able to choose from a range of specialised training modules in areas such as wine, spirits, cocktails, front of house or restaurant management.

Do you offer any support during the Programme?

You will have a Buddy at the restaurant you are working at who will provide guidance and support on a day-to-day basis. In addition, you will be assigned a mentor, not connected to your specific restaurant, who will offer monthly check-in sessions with you. 

What is the time commitment?

It is a full-time position (c. 40 - 45 hours per week) which includes regular evening and weekend shifts. Hours worked will be paid. Participants must be available to work the hours required when entering the Programme (these will be confirmed during the interview process). 

What can I expect at the end of the Programme?

By the end of the Programme you will have completed an in-depth, hands-on training programme giving you the skills and expertise to be able to reach the level of Restaurant Supervisor or equivalent in a leading restaurant. The Programme will have opened up a huge range of opportunities for you, either to progress in your placement restaurant, or to succeed in others. You will have the foundations to go on and succeed in a career in the restaurant hospitality sector!

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